Мы идем на ICO ICO стартовало

Крупные компании научились повышать конверсию с помощью ИИ.
Мы делаем эти технологии доступными с uKit AI 2.0.


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Big businesses have learned to personalize websites and increase conversions with the help of AI. We are making this technology available to everyone.


uKit Group

est. 2005

We help people and companies build online visibility —
from a business card website to an online superstore.

Business Areas

Flagship Products

An intuitive website management system, 100% mobile-friendly layouts, 30+ tools for promotion and lead generation, and fast technical support make uKit a top choice for local businesses: an entrepreneur just needs to customize a template by adding content and start generating revenue.

1 million websites

50+ countries

per year for website maintenance

  • Websites created
    from Facebook pages

    Over 60M businesses are running social media pages. We made it possible for every entrepreneur to complement their page with a website created automatically.

  • Websites created
    from VK pages

    Users from the biggest social network in Russia and CIS countries can get an online store or a website automatically created for them in minutes. →

An intelligent system for an instant redesign or a complete technical makeover of any old website into a new one hosted on uKit website builder. Our automated service based on neural networks will suggest a new, modern and adaptive version for key pages of a company’s website.

30 million potential B2C clients

Automating routine
for freelancers and studios

AI Conference Award, Moscow →

A time-tested builder to create websites of any complexity; a starting point for many webmasters, front-end and back-end developers. Since 2013, websites created with Narod service have been working with uCoz as its platform.

Since 2013, websites created with the Yandex.Narod hosting provider of one of the biggest IT companies in Russia have been working on the basis of uCoz.

Open Web Awards
International award winner by Mashable in the category “Best Site For Publishers, 2009.” →

35 million registrations since launch

Currently 2.5 million active websites

Early leader of the Russian-speaking Internet market

Press coverage

Growth Areas

From 250 million small businesses worldwide

  • 40%
    have a website
  • 60%
    don’t have a website


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To be released in 2018:

AI website builder

MMORPG about the history of IT business

Landing page builder for marketers

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Business Areas

Flagship Products

Press coverage

Company Timeline